Lovell Brothers Race Report

August 13, 2014
Lovell Brothers Race Report
Colorado Springs, CO 8/13/14 - The Lovell Racing team has just returned to their home base after racing in both Sturgis, SD and Crandon, WI. The much anticipated TORC race in Sturgis during bike week was an instant hit with the fans and held on a challenging new course. Likewise a new weekend of racing in Crandon hosted Dirt Riot on a virgin 3.1 mile course. 

"I've never been to Sturgis before so I was really looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about," said driver Brad Lovell, "It is amazing to see the town transform and it was much more laid back than I anticipated. The track will be as legendary as Bark River or Crandon. The TORC crew did a great job building it and the whole race can be watched while sitting on a bike in the pits. Great atmosphere!" Every team in the pits was struggling to find the right setup for the unknown course. Conditions changed, the track got seasoned, and it was a battle of mechanics for speed on the track. 

What felt like a great qualifying effort only yielded Lovell a mid-pack start in the first race. Rain made a soggy track which quickly turned tacky. It was off-road racing at its best with ruts, holes, big jumps, and lots of excitement. "My favorite turn is almost like a switchback," recalled Lovell, "We were ducking in and grabbing the inside just like in hill climbs. It was awesome racing that track door to door!" Lovell finished 5th for the day and a disappointing 11th the second day after loosing a tire. "The real story here is addition of a solid new venue, we were bummed with our finishes but really excited to be part of what TORC is building." 

Immediately after the race, crew chief JT Taylor ferried both the #232 AMSOIL rock racer along with his own #13 Azunia Tequila sponsored machine to Crandon, WI for the new Super Challenge Weekend. Roger Lovell took to the wheel with Brad navigating on a brand new 3.1 mile Dirt Riot course. The unique course brought together the legendary Crandon track, rocks, silt, tight turns, and desert style whoops and ruts. "It was a great pleasure to run this course," said Roger Lovell, "Baja of the North instantly came to mind and this race took Crandon back to the birth of modern short course racing. Pretty cool thing to be a part of."

The Lovell Brothers found themselves battling for 3rd in a 10 lap race. "We kept split time and were running about 15 seconds faster for the first half," added Brad, "I lost track of him after that and didn't know if we were gaining or loosing until we spotted him broken. That gave us the freedom to push hard for 2nd." Push hard the pair did but were unable to catch Derek West in 2nd before he broke a wheel off only 30ft from the finish. With 3 wheels remaining, West narrowly beat the team and the Lovell's finished the race in 3rd place. Teammate JT Taylor followed in 4th. 

With two exciting new races under their belt, the Lovell Racing team now readies for the most traditional of them all - the 45th running of the Crandon World Championships on Labor Day weekend.



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Lovell Racing is dedicated to winning off-road races at the highest levels of competition. The team is owned by brothers Brad & Roger Lovell. Together they compete in nearly every 4-wheel off-road discipline including TORC short course races, desert races, rock races, and hill climbs. In 10 years the brothers have earned 9 championships and two Baja 1000 class wins. In 2014, the team will race for the TORC Pro-Light Championship and compete in a variety of other races including King of the Hammers. Follow the team at  Facebook/44BradLovell . 



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